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About me

I'm a husband, a father of two boys, a designer and photographer. I enjoy listening to punk rock and seeing bands live. I've been an avid fan of comic books and superheroes since I was four and I never grew out of collecting toys. (My two favorite superheroes are Aquaman and Green Lantern.) And I love all things Star Wars. 

Ever since I was in elementary school I have always loved to draw. When I was in high school, I took as many art classes as I could and I considered becoming an art teacher, comic artist or graphic designer. After graduating from art school, I went on to work for various companies.

My love for photography has always been there, from my early days of disposable cameras (remember those) to finally using my mom's film SLR in photography class in high school. Years went by and I finally decided to buy my first DSLR, the Canon XTi. At first, I was just taking photos of my cats and my sons. Then I started taking it seriously by photographing friends, then families and now weddings. I love nothing more than telling a story, capturing your moments and getting to know you. 


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